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Finding Solutions Together, LLC
Diane Marie Carson, LAC, LCSW, CTMH
Searching for a therapist can be tough, so much information to look through. 
So welcome to my website, I hope in these short pages I can clarify and answer some if not all of your questions.

With me, we are going to explore and journey together on your path. The sessions that I provide are for your growth, understanding, and clarification. 
In sessions, we will embark on the journey of change. Individuals who want and are ready to break old habits and truly want to learn how to love and trust themselves.  

How do you know that you are ready for change? 

1. Your old habits are not helping you to move forward in life

Some habits may be:

*Blaming others for your unhappiness
*Labeling yourself (as unworthy, unchangeable)
* Change is hard so I can’t do it
* If I move, change jobs, change relationships I’ll feel better

 2. You have experienced trauma but you do not want to be defined          by the event anymore
3.  You feel down deep inside that you want more for your life
4. You understand that the barriers in your life are self-made

Finding Solutions Together, LLC ®  
Boulder, CO 80305

Nobody can go back
and start a new beginning,
but anyone can start today 
and make a new ending.

-Maria Robinson
Due to COVID-19 outbreak
Formerly known as 
Diane Lemos Counseling 
Now known as 
Finding Solutions Together is
providing support to current clients and future clients through online therapy.
Finding Solutions Together is using a
HIPPA complaint online platform called Theralink.
​Reach out today to see if online therapy is the right fit for you