Do you feel a little lost? Struggling to find balance and harmony in life? 

Finding Solutions Together offers locations in both Denver and Boulder supporting individuals finding their voice and creating the environment that help them grow and suceed.

Being a licensed therapist and certified life coach, I have found  that discovering one's voice will and can achieve finding balance, harmony, and a clearer preceptive. Through a mindfulness and solution-focus perceptive, together, we can discover what may be holding you back and breakthrough those barriers to a clear path.
Counseling and coaching can help you find the clarity that you are seeking while at the same time help you to stay accountable in realizing  your dreams and  goals. 

My Approach​ 

My approach is offering a non-judgmental space to identify what you really want in your life.

Sometimes that means identifying what you really don't want....

Together, we will explore your path determine what you would like to change and support you through your personal shifts. In session, I will ask gentle questions and together, we will discover what will empower, stimulate, and clarify your journey. 

Each session will end with what you took away from the session and what direction you would like to take next.

Lastly, you will always be in control of your session. Our sessions are co-creative. You are the creator of your universe!

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    Personal Attention
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    Client Appreciation
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If you are from Boulder, Colorado or anywhere in the US and busy keeping up with your family and career to the point of exhaustion, you can seek me out to help you find that balance in your life.
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