Some Considerations for You.
we probably won’t be a great fit for each other if…

You think it’s cool to have a Life Coach, but don’t want to do any work

This is your path, your journey, our relationship should be coaching which means we are equals, co-creators, in your universe…. working in this relationship, completing homework and honest self-evaluation is part of the requirement.

You think life is unfair and the world owes you something.

Sometimes life challenges you but you are the creator of your life, your universe.

You have serious commitment issues in terms of keeping your word, not following through on promises. 

It’s Ok, to be stuck but Your time is valuable.  Change will not happen without commitment.
You need to be Ready, Able & Committed

You have deep psychological problems or trauma that’s affecting your ability to function well. You have fears or phobias that seem extreme and resistant to change, or you believe you have clinical depression, severe anxiety, or addiction issues that aren’t being treated by a medical professional.

Though I am a therapist and have therapeutic skills, the service I am offering is coaching, co-creating and not therapy.

Given all of the above, if you think life coaching with me could be right for you, then let’s connect for a quick chat: Free 30-Minute Discovery Session
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