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I offer one-on-one coaching either in person or via phone. However, the goal is the same: support you through to a more balanced and harmonized life. The one situation in life that is constant is "change." Our sessions, together, can make sense of your personal and professional changes on your terms. We will discover your authentic self and discover your unique direction for living a life full of purpose and passion. Our sessions will be a Co-Creative process, which really means that we are equals in the process of discovering your balance, harmony, and authentic self.  You will come away from our sessions empowered because of our co-creative process, which by definition of the co-creative, is a the process enables you to find the answers on your terms. 
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Coaching is a
co-creative process


Coaching is a co-creative process that sets in motion your ability to create the life you desire. Setsting your life’s stage for growth, empowerment, and the beginnings of self-actualization. I have always explained to my clients “ It’s your path, I just walk alongside you pointing out the view. You determine the speed to which the journey is traveled.”
Whether it be personal or professional, some of the areas that I can assist with include but are not limited to:​​
  1. Creating balance between work and personal life
  2. Finding your passion and life’s purpose
  3. Identifying your ideal life desires
  4. Creating attainable plans and actions to reach your goals
  5. Developing forward focused mindset
  6. Managing stress
  7. Employment or careers changes
  8. Going back to school
  9. Starting your own business
  10. Finding balance and harmony in challenging situations in professional or personal life
  11. Rebuilding or realigning personal relationships
  12. Letting go unhealthy relationships or situations
  13. Developing confidence and eliminating fear
I provide individual coaching; my fee is $85.00 per session. However, for coaching to effective coaching sessions may need to be scheduled every two weeks, three weeks, or monthly. I do offer packages, which can offer a savings to you.

  1. Package 1
    3 sessions at $299.50 10% off and savings of $25.50
  2. Package 2
    5 sessions at $361.25 15% off and savings of $63.75
  3. Package 3
    10 sessions at $680.00 20% off and savings of $170.00